SKYLINE GROUP – Global business Services
The SKYLINE GROUP is beginning a run in the supply of Glodal Service and specialistic services to the public and private company.

The entrepreneurial solidity, the specific Know how in all the sectors of intervention, the professional abilities acquired and always renewed, the certifications of quality for all the business productive trials are at the same time the reason and the guarantee of the reliability of the SKYLINE GROUP.

The Global Service of the SKYLINE GROUP is an innovative philosophy regulates in a integrated mode through multi-year contract, all the management and maintenance services that relate to a certain real estate or to activities it contains carry out with the aim of creating the conditions for economies of scale in the management, together, as mentioned, to efficiency in the coordination and control activities from user.

The Facility Management allows to analyze and to individualize the requirements of managerials services (maintenance, energy, management of network services, cleanings, green areas, good and people handling , communications, reception, public relation, call center, custom care, security, safety, catering, front-line and back-office, etc.) to produce the relative reports comparative of optimization in terms of final quality and cost. To individualize and to plan the more functional formalities of disbursement to the strategic objectives with the employment of modern techniques of acquisition of services (outsourcing, global service, total facility, management), to manage its trusts (specifications, proclamations of competition, formality and criterions of adjudication), to monitor the activities of the performers, to verify the inside organizational models in terms of trials and procedures, to give consultation just-in-time to the management and the staff, to provide training.



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