Skyline Group collaborates with Risk consulting broker, insurance brokerage company registered in Section B of the Unique Register of IVASS No. B000456436, and represents a new point of reference in insurance mediation, able to provide all its customers with high added value services in perfect harmony with the evolving dynamics of the market and with their search for satisfaction.

The role of the insurance broker is governed by the Private Insurance Code (dlgs. 209/2005) and is subject to strict controls and checks by the supervisory body IVASS.

The company makes use of advanced risk management techniques, and is able to operate, through a network of partners, throughout the country.

Our choice is oriented towards independence, free in decisions and initiatives, always aimed at ensuring the best for our customers who are for us the greatest value.

SKYLINE GROUP– RISK CONSULTING BROKER offers personalized services for every customer helping to create value by optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of the insurance programs managed.

-We analyse the risk to be insured;
-Identify the most appropriate means to prevent it and mitigate its consequences;
-We seek and identify the best conditions for the customer at the best market rates: the best cost-benefit ratio;
-We define the contract specifications and the management of insurance contracts
-We manage the aspects related to the eventual claims;
-We constantly update the insurance coverage in relation to the changing risks (evolution of the times and/or the dynamics of the customer)

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