The society plans and provides services of safety systems and vigilance to protect  persons and property, and private public or commercial structures; Particularly the institute is authorized to develop the following services:

Functional class A:
Static vigilance
Inspection vigilance
Anti-theft division

Functional class B:
Receipt and management of signals coming from security systems.
Anti-theft management.

Functional class C:
Unarmed guard, stewarding, bodyguard, etc
Nocturnal activity like nightclub, reception services in publics or private events  and bodyguarding for VIP.
Port security (Port Security Plan)

Functional class D:
Transport and escort values included withdrawal and loading of values by means of custody and distribution.
Video surveillance h24 through connectionwith remote control DVR / NVR
Alarms Management through radio-alarms
Ambient assisted living (AAL)

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SECUR CONTROL works closely with customer to conduct complete evaluations
of the risks to eliminate every type of theft.
The small enterprises, as the great firms, share a common threat :
the safety of goods. Some threats originate from external strengths, while others are
Every year, the employers lose billion of euro due to, the dishonesty of their
dependents, due to the thefts and due to the violence from the robbers.
We also furnish complete investigations during the service to identify potential
problems before strikes the profits.
Programs studied with customer are developed for noticing and minimizing the risks of thefts.
Help our customers to appraise their problems reduces the risk of uncertainties.
To protect the ownership against the thefts is a right.

SECUR CONTROL offers experienced personnel and strategic partner, using the most recent software techniques and referenced personnel.
Protect your people, your material resources, the data base of your business and the ownership is our mission.

SECUR CONTROL is your ideal partner for the business safety in a world where threats of thefts are increasing.

Customisable to your requirments and to the budget SECUR CONTROL is able to furnish services at your point of sale, to prevent and to discourage the theft.
Our personnel is trained to the prevention of the losses for inside and external thefts.
Our experts of prevention of loss make a sure environment for your activity, your employees and clients

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